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Over Fascia Ventilation System

The solution to unsightly vented soffits.

If you starve your roof of the correct ventilation then moisture can form in the way of condensation which can cause damp in you roof. To avoid this, ventilation should be fitted. Building regulations have changed several times to allow for continuous ventilation at eaves level. The amount of ventilation required is dependent upon your roof type and pitch. Typically ventilation equivalent to a 10mm continuous air gap is sufficient for most modern pitched roof properties.

We also have an ‘Over Fascia Ventilator‘ that provides the equivalent of a 20mm continuous air gap, this product is normally suited to flat roofs and shallow pitched roofs that require more ventilation.

Our Over Fascia Ventilator offers a discrete but effective solution to the unsightly vents that you see in the majority of houses today. Most traditional properties have had soffit ventilation grills or discs fitted, unfortunately this method of ventilating the roof is not as efficient as our Over Fascia Ventilation system and in most cases soffit ventilation can look unsightly in this highly visible area of the roofline.

The ‘Over Fascia Ventilation’ system sits on top of the fascia and is hidden from the eye. This is generally fitted as standard to every fascia board that we install.

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