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Prevent debris entering the rainwater system with gutter guard

We will always suggest fitting Gutter guard as standard as we believe this is a potential answer to the problem for the future. If the debris is prevented from entering the guttering in the first place or at the very least restricted then it has been proven to prolong the effectiveness of the rainwater system.

There are several types of leaf guards out there eg Gutterguard, Gutter-Clear and the Hedgehog brush system. There is also a metal system that claims to use the ‘coander effect’ from a well known competitor… Each have benefits, each claiming to be better than the other. The Fascia Division has tried them all and we have done so fairly extensively with varying results.

The product we recommend is either Gutterguard or Gutter-Clear. We will however fit any other system available on the market if there is an alternative you would prefer.

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